2Lip Cup


The 2lip cup is an attractive and easy to use product that can be used in a shower or over the toilet as an “on the go bidet.”

The 2lip cup is constructed of soft pliable 100% FDA grade silicone. The 2lip cup is used to clean the perineum or vaginal area safely quickly, and easily. It is eco-friendly, long lasting, hygienic, and cleans with soap and water.

It can be used in a variety of ways.  2lipoffers quick, easy, portable cleansing during your menstrual cycle and between changing of your feminine hygiene products. 2lip will also refreshen while removing any scent of the prior incontinence undergarment. 2lipcleanses the vaginal area after sexual intercourse. 

*Please note the 2lip package comes with one pink 2lip, a carrying case and glass jar for water.